Caring for me offers six free complementary therapy treatments or counselling sessions for those coping with a cancer diagnosis in Suffolk.

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Our services are intended to support people by helping them with symptoms & side-effects of conventional cancer treatments and to cope with their cancer diagnosis. They are not a substitute or a replacement for traditional and essential medical treatments but are offered as complementary as the name suggests.

“The service has been a real benefit to me during a difficult emotional time…it has had a very positive impact on my experience of cancer.

— Katherine

"I have been lucky enough to receive acupuncture and counselling through Caring for me. I have found both services invaluable. When you are diagnosed with cancer and going through the treatment you are so overwhelmed by everything that you don’t really have the opportunity to think about yourself. Caring for me fulfils that role and I am eternally grateful to them for supporting me during a very difficult time."

— Emma

"My husband found the reflexology offers him immediate relief from lung disease leaving him more relaxed, able to sleep better, less stressed and feeling he has something to look forward to."

— Annette

"Choosing to receive a complementary therapy was a very empowering experience, cancer treatments can be harsh & it was a relief to follow this with a gentle and positive therapy that I felt was working with my body-not against it."

— Dee