Cancer Campaign in Suffolk

Caring for me are delighted to have joined up with local charity Cancer Campaign in Suffolk CCiS. Our contribution to the charity is only a small part of what they have to offer and our website concentrates on the Community Complementary Therapies we currently provide for Suffolk residents coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Campaign in Suffolk CCiS offers so much more.
It provides help before during & after cancer through Body & Cancer awareness workshops helping you to recognise the signs & symptoms early, Complementary Therapies & Counselling to those going through treatment & Community Complementary therapies for those who prefer to access therapies in the community, Beauty & Wellbeing workshops 'It's All About You' that helps with the effects of cancer treatment on the body & mind.

We’re all very excited for what there is ahead for us. CCiS’s new website will be up and running soon and we can't wait to see it. We’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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