Katie's Garden Plant Centre

Throughout 2017, Katie’s Garden Plant Centre, a local nursery based in Newbourne, has been helping to raise funds for CCiS Caring for me. The nursery has been selling a range of different plants which have been potted in bright pink pots!


All the proceeds from the sale of each plant comes directly to the charity, and we would like to thank all of those whom have either purchased a pink potted plant or those at Katie’s Garden who help to plant, grow and then ultimately sell the plants. 

We’re sure that you would be glad in the knowledge that the money that has been spent is both brightening up your gardens at home, is also helping to support local people who have been affected by cancer.

If you’ve not yet purchased a CCiS Caring for me pink potted plant, Violas and Pansies will both be available soon, so why not pop in and pick some up!

To find out more information about our friends at Katie’s Garden please follow the link www.katiesgarden.co.uk