Here at CCiS Caring for me we just wanted to recognise some of the amazing hard work carried out by our practitioners.

We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated, experienced team supporting our charity project. Many of them have been with us since 2010 and within this time they have been providing many different treatments for local people who have been affected by cancer.

One thing that we pride ourselves with at CCiS Caring for me is that we are here when people need us most. In some cases this is after conventional cancer treatments have completed and in other cases it is alongside them. We believe it is really important to provide choice and some control for those dealing with their diagnosis, therefore we aim to work as flexibly as possible. 

We are hugely indebted to all the practitioners for continuing to make the work we do possible and providing such treatments with so much care. To find out more about what each of our practitioners does click 'Our Therapists' under the 'About' tab at the top of the page!

With gratitude,

The team at CCiS Caring for me.

Below are some testimonials from individuals that have accessed the services of CCiS Caring for me:

“It took about a year after my treatment finished for me to take up the therapies but I always knew that I could fall back on the help that it provides when I was ready. It is not just the therapy that helps- it’s having time out for you and the freedom to talk in confidence” Roswyn

“Having had radiotherapy on my chest I found I was badly out of breath after treatment. After having reflexology my breathing has improved a lot and I am now able to go upstairs without having to stop.” Brian

“It has been great to access these services now as even 12 months plus post cancer there are underlying tensions and issues and it is reassuring to feel that there are still people to care for me and help me to feel less alone. “ Julia