Raising funds

big dave's big walk

In training

In training

David is undertaking a massive challenge to raise money for three cancer charities and we are absolutely delighted that we have been chosen, along with Breast Cancer Care and Trekstock. He is doing a solo walk of 838 miles from Ipswich to Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona. He decided to take on this challenge to mark his 60th birthday in May and to raise money and awareness for good causes.

Recently someone close to him was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 27 and has become a key part of his focus for doing this. It also made him reflect on how many people he has known over the years that have been affected by all types of cancer. From grandparents and siblings to friends and work colleagues there have been many, so he thought what better thing could he do for his big birthday than to raise as much money as possible for some of the wonderful charities that help and support people going through this.

Where he’s headed…..

Where he’s headed…..

With the aim of walking 25 miles per day training is obviously very important and to date he has completed 60 individual walks ranging from 5 to 24 miles long. He will be starting off on his big walk on 27th March at an average of 25 miles per day and will take 42 days to complete allowing for rest days, and his arrival date is 8th May.

David said "To date I've walked over 800 miles in training and worn out two pairs of walking shoes and I still have 200 training miles to do! I have never done anything remotely like this before so it really is a major challenge for me as you can imagine."

From Ipswich to Barcelona

From Ipswich to Barcelona

You’ll find lots more information on his blog https://www.bigdavesbigwalk.com and on his JustGiving team page https://www.justgiving.com/teams/bigdavesbigwalk

Please take a few minutes to have a look at what he is doing and hopefully you’ll feel it’s well worth making a donation and if you could help spread the news that would be great too. He can be found on Facebook: big dave’s big walk or Instagram: @bigdavesbigwalk 

Giving back...

Cakes on Sale.jpeg

We are so lucky here at CCiS Caring for me that lovely individuals want to help fundraise for us. Laura raised a whopping £177 through a cake sale at the school she works at. Below is Laura's story and why she felt the need to 'give back' to us at CCiS Caring for me.

"In March 2017 at the age of 43 I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. My cancer journey from diagnosis in March has included numerous tests, appointments, eight rounds of chemotherapy, a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Despite still needing further reconstructive surgery, my family and I feel incredibly fortunate that I am now on the mend!

I have recently started some acupuncture and counselling through Caring for me.  I have to admit being dubious to the benefit of either of these but both are helping me in my quest to find and adjust my new normal.

I wanted to give something back to the charity so we held a staff cake sale at the school where I work and raised £177. I am hoping to do some more fundraising in the future for the wonderful charity." - Laura

If you would like to get involved in fundraising for us please be in contact!

Cake Sale Sign.jpeg

Exciting start to the New Year!

7039 - Token Scheme Voting Poster A4.jpg

We’ve had a fantastic start of the New Year here at CCiS Caring for me; we’ve been selected to take part in the Co-op Token Scheme!

This means every time you shop in the Co-op, you can help our project grow by putting your green token in the ‘Caring for Me’ token box!

We will be appearing in four different Co-op stores between the 15th January until the 12th March, you can find our collection boxes in the stores below:

·      Wickham Market

·      Woodbridge Supermarket

·      Old Barrack Road

·      Hasketon Road

The more tokens which we gain in our boxes means a larger share of £1000 for us to put back into the community helping those in need in Suffolk. Please help us grow by putting your token in our box.



Art for Cure

Our friends at Art for Cure have recently achieved charitable status and we are delighted that all their hard work has come to fruition in this way. We were pleased to be invited along to The Art Retreat in Woodbridge to help them celebrate. 

The photo shows some of the team with Belinda Gray, director & co-founder in the Centre.

The photo shows some of the team with Belinda Gray, director & co-founder in the Centre.

Art for Cure stages one of the most exciting and successful art and sculpture exhibitions across the UK to raise money for national breast cancer research and support breast cancer services here in East Anglia. Their first exhibition was an incredible success, held in Belinda's Garden, back in 2014, and they have gone from strength to strength since.

Art for Cure recently held an exhibition at Glemham Hall, where they raised an exceptional £175,00, of which they donated £100,000 to Breast Cancer Now, and a further £74,000 to support and help Suffolk based projects, which focus on supporting those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Including wig making services, beauty workshops, counselling services and support for nutrition, diet and exercise. 

We here at CCiS Caring for me, feel extremely grateful to have received £10,000 from Art for Cure for 2017-2018.

Art for Cure have two brilliant fundraising events planned for 2018, an Art and Sculpture exhibition back at the house and gardens of Glemham Hall, held between the 5th-7th May. As well as a bike ride in Asia, covering 450km from Saigon to Angkor Wat.

For more information on the charity, or the events coming up, follow Art for Cure

A whole lot of mud!

Clean before the event!

Clean before the event!

On October 15th, 10 brave souls took part in the Suffolk Whole Hog event which was held at Wantisden Valley. The Whole Hog is a 5 mile obstacle race where you are expected to run (or walk) but also crawl under cargo nets, climb up steep banks and walls, wade through rivers, go through tunnels, down slides, jump, swing and complete monkey bars. As well as this it is of course, cold, wet and very very muddy!

Very wet, slippery monkey bars!

Very wet, slippery monkey bars!

We spoke to Petra Risbridger after the event, here are a few of her accounts and stories from the day..

"We ran, walked and stumbled together, over ploughed fields and various obstacles, and then there would be a major pile up (just like on the M25), when suddenly one of our obstacles was upon us……….a mud slide into a pool of water, whilst being hosed down as we tried to scramble out of the pit.  We were continually encouraged by the crowd who were in similar fits of giggles just watching us trying to get out of this unfortunate mess! 

"Then on to rivers filled with, what I can only describe as, pig swill, I didn’t know if it was good for the skin or not, but we weren’t going to get a chance to “not” find out, we had plummeted into this pool of thick, brown sludge which smelt pretty unpleasant but was met with a multitude of smiley faces as it was so much fun just trying to wade our way through and clamber out the other side without coating our fellow competitors as we splashed and fought our way out!"

Wading through the thick mud!

Wading through the thick mud!

Safe to say that our team took it all in their stride, (even the mud!) and completed the course brilliantly! They were each welcomed at the end with a medal and a can of Adnams Ghost Ship beer, which I'm sure was well needed!

We will keep you posted about the final amount raised but in the meantime please do take a look at our Facebook page to have a giggle at more of the photos: CCiS Caring for me

All smiles that they had completed the course!

All smiles that they had completed the course!

Is singing the best medicine?

Karen & Corinne can be seen here with some of the group.

Karen & Corinne can be seen here with some of the group.

Last Thursday, myself (Corinne) and Karen Hare were warmly invited into the rehearsals of the ladies choir Upbeat! at Grundisburgh Primary School, who were practicing for their upcoming Christmas Concerts.

We were treated to the delights of being able to see behind the scenes of how the choir practice their songs, hearing a range of songs practiced solely by the Alto parts, then the Sopranos, then finally all together which was magical.

Sopranos singing their parts

Sopranos singing their parts

On the day of our visit there must have been around 40 ladies there, enjoying the singing and antics of the leader of the choir Carol McConnell. The choir is open to anyone of any experience and it is not a necessity that you're able to read music, it was very easy to see that all the members of the choir thoroughly enjoy it!

Choir Leader, Carol McConnell

Choir Leader, Carol McConnell

The group provide support to local charities by donating proceeds from their different concerts and performances throughout the year and are incredibly proud to do so. We went along on Thursday to personally say thank you to them for their recent donation of £1000 which we are extremely grateful for. This isn't the only support which Upbeat! have donated to us, as they have supported our work over the past few years.

We are looking to start a charity choir and wanted to get first hand experience by seeing one in action and chat to the members to find out what they enjoy about it.

Why not let us know what you think?

Cancer Campaign in Suffolk

Caring for me are delighted to have joined up with local charity Cancer Campaign in Suffolk CCiS. Our contribution to the charity is only a small part of what they have to offer and our website concentrates on the Community Complementary Therapies we currently provide for Suffolk residents coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Campaign in Suffolk CCiS offers so much more.
It provides help before during & after cancer through Body & Cancer awareness workshops helping you to recognise the signs & symptoms early, Complementary Therapies & Counselling to those going through treatment & Community Complementary therapies for those who prefer to access therapies in the community, Beauty & Wellbeing workshops 'It's All About You' that helps with the effects of cancer treatment on the body & mind.

We’re all very excited for what there is ahead for us. CCiS’s new website will be up and running soon and we can't wait to see it. We’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Peacock caring for you PNG.png

Katie's Garden Plant Centre

Throughout 2017, Katie’s Garden Plant Centre, a local nursery based in Newbourne, has been helping to raise funds for CCiS Caring for me. The nursery has been selling a range of different plants which have been potted in bright pink pots!


All the proceeds from the sale of each plant comes directly to the charity, and we would like to thank all of those whom have either purchased a pink potted plant or those at Katie’s Garden who help to plant, grow and then ultimately sell the plants. 

We’re sure that you would be glad in the knowledge that the money that has been spent is both brightening up your gardens at home, is also helping to support local people who have been affected by cancer.

If you’ve not yet purchased a CCiS Caring for me pink potted plant, Violas and Pansies will both be available soon, so why not pop in and pick some up!

To find out more information about our friends at Katie’s Garden please follow the link www.katiesgarden.co.uk



Ride for Toni

Emma Kindred here, the wonderful Corinne has let me share my story with you via her blog.

My eldest sister, Toni (then 43), was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer back in November 2016. She was given 6 months to live. The news was devastating and as a family we made a decision to get through it together. In the early days of her treatments we would sit and talk about how we could help the people helping Toni out. We knew we couldn't cure her but we could support her and be there for her every step of the way through this horrendous ordeal. My dad and I decided to take on a challenge that would help raise money for the St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich, Toni's choice of end of life care. 

Our childhood was spent in Germany, due to my dad being in the forces. It was an amazing childhood and we all felt that a physical challenge involving Germany would be very fitting. It would be about raising money but also about creating new memories with Toni. We decided to cycle between all 6 of the locations we lived in whilst in Germany. Unfortunately Toni grew too ill too soon for us to complete it as a family. We were due to start the challenge on May 29th 2017, however Toni died on May 25th 2017.

It is a real shame Toni never made the trip, but this gives us even more of a reason to raise as much money as possible, in her name. The hospice gave her the very best in care and we will be forever grateful to them. 

We are now taking time out to heal as a family and during this time we will make new arrangements for our cycle ride. At the moment we believe we will be looking to complete it at the end of August. The ride will be approximately 400 Kilometers, spread over 5 days.

We have already raised £10,000 and hope to raise a further £25,000 (more details about this figure on our website). I regularly update our dedicated website - Ride for Toni, so for more details on how much we've raised and where we are on our training please come visit our site.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and thank you Corinne for allowing me to share this.
Em x

Toni on her hen day, 2 months before she passed away.

Toni on her hen day, 2 months before she passed away.

Art for Cure exhibition, She, raises £27,000!!

Last Friday (2nd June) Art for Cure launched an exhibition, She, to raise money through selling art.

The exhibition, held at the Garage Gallery in Aldeburgh managed to sell a staggering £60,000 by selling an inspired collection of paintings, sculpture, ceramics and prints, all about women. A massive £27,000 of this goes directly to Art for Cure to help the fight against breast cancer.

Henrietta Dubrey

Henrietta Dubrey

We've been raising funds!

Terri Catchpole, co-founder of Caring for me, and her husband Daniel each set themselves a challenge to undertake in 2017 in order to raise funds for Caring for me. They both managed to fit in the necessary training around their busy work and personal lives. On Sunday 7th May Daniel rose to the challenge of the Suffolk Sunrise 102 mile cycle ride around the countryside-setting off with Framingham Castle as the backdrop and winding around the villages through Bungay, Halesworth and enroute back through Peasenhall and returning to Framlingham. After almost 5hours 36 minutes of cycling he appeared over the finishing line. Terri and their daughter were there to congratulate him on his achievement and he can be seen in the photo proudly wearing his medal.

The following weekend came Terri's turn - On Sunday 14th May Terri took on the challenge of running the Woodbridge 10k road race. She only started running in January and this was her first attempt at running in an event such as this and she was determined to do her best. She made it round the very hilly course on a scorching hot day with 24 degree heat in 1 hour and 1minute so she was delighted. She was fortunate to be supported by her friend Hayley Potter who joined her in the race and was also raising funds for Caring for me.  Between them they hope to have raised in excess of £500.

Well done & thank you to all of them.